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pdf.png BSA Medical Form HOT
Date 2016-05-03 File Size 510.31 KB Download 554 Download
pdf.png BSA Medical Form (Philmont) HOT
Date 2016-05-03 File Size 510.31 KB Download 478 Download
pdf.png 2017 Geiger Activty Schedule HOT

The time during the day for each of the Scout activities.

Date 2017-05-04 Language  English File Size 32.91 KB Download 523 Download
pdf.png Youth Summer Camp Application - 2017 2017.1 HOT
Date 2017-02-16 File Size 372.45 KB Download 382 Download
pdf.png Equipment List 2017.1 HOT
Date 2017-02-16 File Size 472.03 KB Download 287 Download
pdf.png Permission Slip & Deposit - 2017 2017.2 HOT
Date 2017-02-16 File Size 431.82 KB Download 473 Download
pdf.png Scout Individual Schedule 2017.1 HOT
Date 2017-02-16 File Size 7.13 KB Download 290 Download
pdf.png Camp Geiger Youth Application HOT
Date 2017-02-16 Language  English File Size 366.1 KB Download 229 Download
pdf.png Geiger Part-Time Adult Leader HOT

Adult Leaders who might not be able to spend Summer Camp with their Scout(s) but would like to volunteer at Camp Geiger during that same session or another session.

Date 2017-05-04 Language  English File Size 135.24 KB Download 256 Download
pdf.png 2017 Geiger Activity Descriptions HOT

A description of each of the Scout activities available during Summer Camp.

Date 2017-05-04 Language  English File Size 1.02 MB Download 405 Download