What Makes Us Different?

Boy Scout Troops all implement the same Scouting program from the National Council. Most people might then ask if the Troops are any different? Absolutely! Troops have different boy and adult leaders who focus on different activities. Since Scout Troops are boy led, the direction and focus comes from the boys. Some Troops focus on lightweight camping, some on merit badges, some on high adventure activities and others focus on service opportunities. When looking for a Troop, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few things that make 451 unique:

Trail to First Class Program


Troop 451 has a dedicated program geared towards helping your son achieve his First Class rank within the first year of joining the Troop. Why is this important? First Class represents a major milestone for the Scout, serving as the point where his advancement switches from skills-based achievement to leadership skills. We have 2 dedicated leaders who work with the boys as well as over 15 older Scouts who are paired up with the younger Scouts to make sure they succeed.

OA/Mic-O-Say Dance and Ceremony Team

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The OA/Mic-O-Say Dance and Ceremony team is a group of Scouts within the Troop who belong to either the Order of the Arrow or Mic-O-Say (both are honor camping societies). The Scouts that elect to participate perform and dress in Native American costumes that they have built. The Scouts perform for Cub Scout Blue & Gold banquets, pack meetings, Eagle Courts of Honor and other community events. They also conduct ceremonies for Arrow of Light ceremonies and bridging ceremonies for Cub Scouts.

For more information about the team, please see their website, the Lone Star Dance District.

High Adventure activities

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Boys love to get out and have some fun!  We have an active High Adventure program to help engage the older Scouts in more challenging activities.  The High Adventure programs are open to boys ages 14 and up.  We participate in the Boy Scout National High Adventure Bases - backpacking at Philmont in New Mexico, sailing at the Florida Sea Base and canoeing the Boundary Waters in Minnesota at Northern Tier.  We also take our own high adventure trips with the Troop - horseback cavalcades, whitewater rafting and SCUBA trips just to name a few.

For more information on the program as well as some links to past treks, please see our High Adventure page.

Active Adult Leadership


One hallmark of a successful Troop is active and engaged adult leaders. We have a very strong leadership group and regularly have 10 uniformed adults at each meeting, along with another 15-20 parents who assist in a variety of committee roles or teach Merit Badges to the Scouts. While the program is decided and run by the boys, the adults provide logistical support for the program as well ensuring the health and safety of the Scouts.