Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp is upon us! Troop 451 is returning to Camp Geiger in St. Joseph, MO.

  • There will be a uniform and locker inspection Friday, June 12th from 6pm to 7:30pm at FUMC.
  • We will depart from the First United Methodist Church of Lewisville at 10pm on Saturday, June 13th.
  • We will return between 10pm and 11pm on Saturday, June 20th.

Be sure to review each of the following sections:

  • An Overview of Camp Geiger
  • Merit Badge Selections
  • Packing List and Forms
  • Payments
  • Friday-Night Check-In
  • Staying Connected

An Overview of Camp Geiger

Camp Geiger has created a Guide that describes the camp, the activities, and daily life at Summer Camp. Check it out for all the details. There is also a Map to show you how to get around Camp Geiger.

Adults have a choice of activities too. Refer to this list of activities available in 2019 to see what may be planned for Adults in 2020.

Families who want to attend Family Night (Wed 6/17) or the Tapping Fire (Thurs 6/18) are more than welcome!

Additional policies and information about camp can be found on Geiger's own page:

Merit Badge Selections

Merit Badge Selection has been moved and will open May 1st. The classes fill up fast, so select your classes quickly.

  1. While at Camp, you can complete multiple BSA Merit Badges.
  2. Review the Merit Badge Descriptions to see what classes are offered.
  3. The Merit Badge Descriptions document also includes the Non-Merit Badge Activities available.
  4. Review the Merit Badge Schedule for the times when your classes are available, and choose times that do not overlap.
  5. Fill out the Merit Badge Selection form and send it in.

Packing List and Forms

Download the following forms to prepare for Summer Camp.


The cost this year will be $500 for Scouts and $400 for Adults.

Because we are unable to meet in person, did you know you can also make your payments to the Troop for this and other items through Venmo and Paypal?  Just send payments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be sure to include what the payment is for in your comments! 

Friday Night's Check-In

The Scout's packed belongings will be sent up ahead of the Scouts themselves. The Friday night before leaving, these activities will occur from 6pm to 7:30pm.

  • Footer Locker Inspection
  • Medicine Check-In
  • Money Check-In
  • OTC Medicine Waiver
  • BSA Forms (2 copies) Check-In
  • Insurance Card (2 copies) Check-In.

Staying Connected

Stay Connected with everything that is happening is accomplished through blog posts and pictures of the Scouts at Summer Camp. As a registered member, you can view how to access these sources of communication. (You must be logged in to view that page).